Ruth Waterhouse

The animals you’ll find in Ruth’s collection include … frogs, lizards, snakes and bats … birds such as the pelican, forty- spotted pardalote, parrot, honeyeater, blue wren, wedgetail eagle, cockatoo and kookaburra … marine creatures including the octopus, weedy sea dragon, seahorses, green turtle, humpback whale and seal … our unique platypus, echidna, and marsupials — bilby, eastern quoll, koala, wombat and wallaby … possums are particularly featured — the ringtail, brushtail, sugar glider and diminutive pygmy possum. And of course, out extinct friends, the thylacine and dodo.

Some animals are created in brooch form only, others may exist as earrings, bracelet, pendant or ring. While in some designs the animal stands alone, others may be depicted in their natural environment.

Staring competion



Rubin & Wombat

Sneaky Possum


Staring competion part 2

Tired Wombat

Wallaby 2