A letter from Miles


A letter from Miles [the baby ringtail possum] translated by Di Scott

My new mum and I met a week ago … at the smash repair shop in Erina next too the pub, not a great place for a baby ringtail … four big men chased me forever and put me in a big box.

Boy was I happy to slide into a nice tiny warm woollen pounch this lady had … she is now my mum and gives me really nice warm milk and yummy leaves.

I was so scared … I didn’t mean to bite her … I didn’t say hello to anyone for the rest of the day, but I was so hungry by 4.30pm (my new mum rescued me at 9.30am ) that I finally decided to have a huge drink and fell fast asleep.

Mum weighed me after my nap, I was a bag of bones at 147grams, now a week later I am 181grams.

i still miss my real mum and don’t understand why when I turned around she was gone, but I do like it here with my new mum … she is very big but her hair is the same colour as my other mum … and it is nice and warm and I can sleep all day and bounce around all night finding yummy food.

In the morning more yummy warm special milk, just for me and back to sleep … my mum calls me Myalls (Miles) means wild thing and wattle tree.

When I grow up I am going to climb the biggest gum tree ever!

Love from Miles