Blue-wing Parrots

blue-wing parrots

Four little blue winged parrots came into care when the tree in which their parents had built a nest was chopped down during the spring bird-breeding season.

Young birds can easily become imprinted on the person who raises them.

I resort to all sorts of tricks to stop this happening like hiding my face, not talking and using a glove puppet the same colour as the parent bird.

At the age pictured the babies had to be hand fed with a special slurry mixture.

They then needed to be weaned onto wild birdseed.

A difficult time for both carer and bird as they do not recognize seed as food and often loose weight during the weaning process.

When put outside full time they needed a large flight aviary in which they perfected their flying skills and built up the flight muscles in their wings.

Release had to be before autumn because they are a migratory bird and leave Tasmania for the mainland at the end of summer. — Lesley Kurek

released into big aviary