Merlin & Inca, the Tawny Frogmouths

tawny frogmouth

Merlin’s parents built a nest in a tree overhanging a major highway in the suburbs of Hobart.

During a storm the nest fell to the ground with both Merlin and his sibling.

Unfortunately only Merlin, above, survived.

He weighed 198 grams and was a bright, easy to care for, bird.

I made a glove puppet out of a grey sock onto which I sewed 2 buttons for eyes to stop him becoming imprinted to humans.

However a month later an adult Tawny frogmouth that had been attacked by a dog came into care.


Inca had a wing injury, which stopped him from flying until it healed.

Merlin and Inca became great pals, which made their time in care far less stressful.

Both were successfully released back into the wild.

Because he was an adult bird Inca was taken back to the area he came from.

Merlin, shown below with the bathtime blues, was released locally and a close watch was kept on his progress. — Lesley Kurek

bathtime blues