Living and working in Tasmania, the southern most island state of Australia, Ruth Waterhouse established her business in 1986 and has specialised in creating Australian Wildlife Jewellery for over two decades.

Ruth’s genuine interest in wildlife fuels her creativity and her work could be described as a marriage of inspiration, skill and technique.

Magpie looking for trinkets

Dedicated to quality in both design and finish, all designs are meticulously hand finished. This labour intensive process is important and the only way to retain the detail that Ruth painstakingly instills in every piece.

To create a design, Ruth first immerses herself in research, that may mean referring to her extensive library, studying an animal in the field, or consulting professional specialists.

Biologists and zoologists throughout the world have complimented Ruth for her accuracy and attention to detail.

Avid collectors look forward to new designs released every year and the list of species represented is constantly growing. Not limiting herself to the most popular or well known creatures, Ruth follows her interest and often creates designs based on unusual, rare or not so well known animals.

When time allows, caring for orphaned and injured wildlife is something that Ruth finds very rewarding as well as donating regularly to worthwhile wildlife related causes.

Ruth believes that good jewellery can initiate meaningful conversations. She hopes that her jewellery will inspire interest, increase knowledge and compassion for all wildlife.