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Large Thylacine Brooch


W 35mm H 44mm D 6mm

236B Large Thylacine Brooch — $365.00

236Bg Large Thylacine Brooch [9ct gold] — $995.00


  1. Nikki | August, 2008

    This is a truely beautiful broach! Ruth Waterhouses attention to detail in such a small artwork is amazing. I have been desperately wanting to buy this for so long but a. I can’t afford it and b. I’m a little reluctant to put my credit card number over the internet.
    Congratulations Ruth it is a really spectacular achievement and I hope I can one day afford it!

  2. richard | May, 2010

    I purchased the large Thylacine brooch a few years back on one of many trips to Tasmania. A truly superb piece of workmanship and beautiful as well. I bought it for myself and I am proud to wear it whenever I can.

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