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Swinging Ringtail Possum Ear-rings


W 10mm H 29mm D 4mm


  1. Nerissa Galloway | April, 2011

    I bought these earrings years ago and wear them regularly and without fail, each time I do, I get comments on them. They are still my favourites (but shhh… don’t tell my other earrings!)

  2. Priscilla Norris | April, 2014

    Hi Ruth
    I’ve been a regular customer of yours for many years and own 9 of your beautiful pieces – possums mainly, as you can see from my email address ! I’ve rescued and cared for assorted possums for 20 years now. But the one piece I’d love to have are these lovely Swinging Ringtail Possum earrings. I seem to have missed them along the way. Is there any chance you might be able to make these again. I’d be so grateful if this is at all possible.
    Look forward to hearing from you. Priscilla

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