Pygmy Possum Dual Brooch/Pendant

W 24mm H 47mm D 6mm 205BP Pygmy Possum Dual Brooch/Pendant — $360.00

205BPg Pygmy Possum Dual Brooch/Pendant [9ct gold] — $1425.00

2 thoughts on “Pygmy Possum Dual Brooch/Pendant”

  1. I bought this special brooch/pendant over six years ago & have worn it either way – depending on what I am wearing – constantly. Love this piece! Also purchased a silver gum leaf bracelet. Always gets nice compliments when I wear it. Very special pieces for me to treasure. :)

  2. I have many pieces both gold & silver the last piece I purchased was a wombat pendant, I wear it a lot. My gold frog stud earrings in gold are beautiful, I have bought these earring for friends and they enjoy receiving such well crafted pieces.

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