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Orphan Wallaby In A Jumper Pendant

Orphan Wallaby

W 15mm H 51mm D 12mm

177P Orphan Wallaby In A Jumper Pendant

177Pg Orphan Wallaby In A Jumper Pendant [9ct gold]


  1. June Green | July, 2008

    I was looking for a pendant that would hold some special meaning for me and I was lucky enough to find the “Orphan wallaby in a jumper”.

    I used to own a breeding facility for wallabies here in Canada and have bottle fed many wallaby joeys which required them to be carried in a jumper pouch very much like the one shown in this design.

    The time I spent with the wallabies was the most rewarding and meaningful time of my life. This beautiful pendant will be a daily reminder of that time.

    The care and knowledge and talent behind the creation of this pendant makes it a most valuable keepsake and I wear it with pride.

    Thank you.

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