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The magpie returns

A couple of years ago I cared for a baby magpie with a broken leg. She healed up well and was eventually released with a couple of birds raised by another wildlife carer.

I occasionally hear on the grapevine that she is doing fine and making her way around the Kingston area.

After at least two years She’s back for a visit! I just love that magpie song and knew as soon as I heard it that it must be her. Good fun — and she still loves a hand out of her favourite meal worms.


  1. Candy Matthews | October, 2008

    Such a lovely story. I helped a red eared fired tail finch back to recovery,stunned it lay in my hands for 20 minutes, so precious. I now have a pair that visit my verandah, brazenly ducking under the 28’s when they are busy squabbling, to pinch a few seeds here and there. I like to imagine it is the same bird I held in my hands.

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