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The Tasmanian Tiger

The mysterious Thylacine lives on in Tasmania’s imagination, even though some diehards still believe it is out there somewhere in the wilderness.

Tasmania is the only state in the world which uses an extinct animal as its emblem; the last one in captivity died in a Hobart zoo in 1936.

Its extinction was prophesied in 1863 by the famous naturalist John Gould. A large and fearsome-looking animal, it was feared by the settlers, even though it was far shyer and more nervous than its little cousin, the Tasmanian devil.

A government bounty, land clearing and, finally, a distemper-like disease meant its end – but tantalising stories of sightings persist to this day. Maybe, just maybe …


  1. Gaye Shield | March, 2019

    Iwas given a brooch…Tasmanian Tiger,which I lost,
    Do you have anything with this animal.

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