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Work from the past

Welcome, the pieces in this category are no longer part of our current range.

I have included them on the website to showcase past work.

If any of the designs interest you please contact us.

Tasmanian Devil Charm


291C Tasmanian Devil Charm

W 19mm, H 11mm, D 6mm

Wren and filigree leaf pendant

Both sides of this pendant are subtly different. To add interest, and another dimension, the two halves are not fused to one another.

Mostly, because they are perfectly balanced, they will hang together as one but the central pivot point allows them to move independently from time to time.

293P Wren and filigree leaf pendant, silver

W 22mm, H 40mm, D 4mm

Wren and filigree leaf ear-rings

292E Wren and filigree leaf ear-rings

W 22mm, H 22mm D 4mm

Bird Ear Studs

bird ear studs in gold

W 13mm H 14mm D 2mm

286Sg Bird ear studs [9ct gold]

286S Bird ear studs

Bird Charm

bird charm silver

W 14mm H 15mm D 3mm

288C Bird charm

288Cg Bird charm [9ct gold]

Owl Charm

Owl charm

L 18mm W 9mm D 7mm

280C Owl Charm

280Cg Owl Charm [9ct gold]

Pelican pendant

Pelican pendant

L 30mm W 20mm D 5mm

277P Pelican pendant

277Pg Pelican pendants [9ct gold]

Turtle charm

Turtle charm

L 12mm W 12mm D 5mm

279C Turtle charm

279Cg Turtle charm [9ct gold]

Tasmanian Devil pendant

Tasmanian evil pendant

L 30mm W 23mm D 12mm

272P Tasmanian Devil pendant

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