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The Bilby

The rabbit-sized Bilby, also known as the dalgyte, the pinkie, the ninu and the walpajim, is a relative of the bandicoot.

Its long ears not only give it acute hearing but help it to keep cool in its desert home. Like many marsupials, it comes out from its burrow only at night.

Farming, land clearing and predators such as dogs and feral cats have greatly reduced its numbers and it is now found in only a few remote, arid places.

Many Australians hope that replacing the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bilby will help to save this charming and inoffensive animal.

The Echidna

Australias’ short beaked Echidna — or spiny anteater — feeds on ants and termites, pulling a nest apart with strong clawed forearms, then inserting its long snout and sticky tongue.

Echidnas are found all over Australia and are the only known relative of the Platypus. In cold areas they may hibernate in winter.

A frightened Echidna will dig rapidly down into soft ground, leaving only the tips of its spines visible.

The single young one hatches from an egg and is carried in the mother’s pouch until its spines begin to grow.

After that the mother leaves it in a den and visits every few days to feed it milk. A baby Echidna is called a Puggle.

Marsh reeds




High water mark



Ruth’s interest in Australian animals is broad and constantly expanding. She depicts the everyday, commonplace, well known, and abundant creatures, as well as the rare and endangered, secretive and little known, or just plain unusual.

“My life is enriched by my relationships with animals. Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know quite a few creatures at close quarters while they have been in my care.

“Sometimes I am able to get to know an animal intimately through first hand experience, other times I must research thoroughly. The challenge is always to capture the character, personality or essence of the animal and strive to give the work a life of it’s own.”

The animals you’ll find in Ruth’s collection include … frogs, lizards, snakes and bats … birds such as the pelican, forty-spotted pardalote, parrot, honeyeater, blue wren, wedgetail eagle, cockatoo and kookaburra … marine creatures including the octopus, weedy sea dragon, seahorses, green turtle, humpback whale and seal … our unique platypus, echidna, and marsupials — bilby, eastern quoll, koala, wombat and wallaby … possums are particularly featured — the ringtail, brushtail, sugar glider and diminutive pygmy possum. And of course, out extinct friends, the thylacine and dodo.

Some animals are created in brooch form only, others may exist as earrings, bracelet, pendant or ring. While in some designs the animal stands alone, others may be depicted in their natural environment.

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