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Possum and Eucalypt ear-rings

Possum and Eucalypt ear-rings

W 16mm H 52mm D 3mm

119E Possum and Eucalypt ear-rings — $205.00

119Eg Possum and Eucalypt gold ear-rings [9ct gold] — $895.00

Fairy Penguin Ear-Rings

fairy penguins

W 15mm H 21mm D 3mm

285E Fairy Penguin ear-rings — $200.00

285Eg Fairy Penguin ear-rings [9ct gold] — $710.00

Owl ear-rings

W 14mm, H 18mm, D 4mm

290Eg Owl ear-rings [9ct Gold] — $755.00

290E Owl ear-rings Sterling Silver — $210.00

Possum And Eucalypt Ear-rings


W 15mm H 36mm D 2mm

120E Possum And Eucalypt Ear-rings — $195.00

120Eg Possum And Eucalypt Ear-rings [9ct gold]— $710.00

Pygmy Possum & Eucalypt Ear-rings

Pygmy Possum & Eucalypt Ear-rings

W 18mm H 51mm D 4mm

117E Pygmy Possum & Eucalypt Ear-rings — $235.00

117Eg Pygmy Possum & Eucalypt Ear-rings [9ct gold] — $1175.00

Lizard Ear-rings

Lizard ear-rings

L 28mm W 16mm D 3mm

262E Lizard Ear-rings — $210.00


262Eg Lizard Ear-rings [9ct gold] — $685.00

Odd Couple Frog Ear-rings


W 18mm H 29mm D 4mm

104E Odd Couple Frog Ear-rings — $200.00

104Eg Odd Couple Frog Ear-rings [9ct gold] — $685.00

104P Odd Couple Frog Ear-rings [single as pendant] — $135.00

Superb Fairy Wren Ear-rings

Superb Fairy Wren ear-rings

L 32mm W 22mm D 2mm

276E Superb Fairy Wren Ear-rings — $210.00

276Eg Superb Fairy Wren ear-rings [9ct gold] — $925.00

Wombat Burrow Ear-rings


W 15mm H 40mm D 6mm

145E Wombat Burrow Ear-rings — $200.00

145Eg Wombat Burrow Ear-rings [9ct gold] — $1220.00

Sugar Glider Ear-rings

Sugar Glider Ear-rings

W 9mm H 32mm D 7mm

179E Sugar Glider Ear-rings — $200.00

179Eg Sugar Glider Ear-rings [9ct gold]— $580.00

A closeup of an ear-ring showing the fine detail.

Sugar Glider Ear-rings detail

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