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Numbat Brooch

numbat brooch gold

W 18mm H 20mm D 3mm

284Bg Numbat Brooch [9ct gold] — $315.00

284B Numbat Brooch — $150.00

284P Numbat Pendant — $150.00

284Pg Numbat Pendant [9ct gold] — $295.00

Scarlet Robin Brooch

scarlet robin silver brooch

W 23mm H 28mm D 5mm

287B Scarlet Robin brooch — $170.00

287Bg Scarlet Robin brooch [9ct gold] — $485.00

Tree Frog Brooch

tree frog

W 29mm H 106mm D 14mm

141B Tree frog brooch — $645.00

Pygmy Possum in Blossom


W 16mm H 54mm D 14mm

109B Pygmy Possum in Blossom — $385.00

Skink Lizard Brooch

Skink Lizard Brooch

W 30mm H 90mm D 5mm

140B Skink Lizard Brooch — $645.00

House Gecko Brooch

House gecko

W 30mm H 88mm D 5mm

139B House Gecko — $645.00

Large Thylacine Brooch


W 35mm H 44mm D 6mm

236B Large Thylacine Brooch — $365.00

236Bg Large Thylacine Brooch [9ct gold] — $995.00

Possum And Eucalypt Brooch


W 42mm H 60mm D 2mm

110B Possum And Eucalypt Brooch — $355.00

Seahorse Brooch


W 22mm H 55mm D 4mm

195B Seahorse Brooch — $365.00

195Bg Seahorse Brooch [9ct gold] — $1685.00

Weedy Sea Dragon Brooch


W 30mm H 98mm D 4mm

193B Weedy Sea Dragon Brooch — $645.00

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