Dear valued clients

Owing to the current volatile nature of the price of gold we will have to price each gold order individually.

Order as usual and for any gold items you will be contacted with the current price. The prices listed on this site are there as an indicative guide only, and they can rise and fall based on market values for gold.

No gold orders will be shipped or charged until you give your approval.

If you have any questions about gold jewellery please Click here to email Ruth

Possum and Eucalypt ear-rings

Possum and Eucalypt ear-rings

W 16mm H 52mm D 3mm

119E Possum and Eucalypt ear-rings — $205.00

119Eg Possum and Eucalypt gold ear-rings [9ct gold] — $895.00

Echidna Pendant

Echidna Pendant

W 11mm H 32mm D 4mm

207P Echidna Pendant — $170.00

207Pg Echidna Pendant [9ct gold] — $575.00

Fairy Penguin Ear-Rings

fairy penguins

W 15mm H 21mm D 3mm

285E Fairy Penguin ear-rings — $200.00

285Eg Fairy Penguin ear-rings [9ct gold] — $710.00

Owl ear-rings

W 14mm, H 18mm, D 4mm

290Eg Owl ear-rings [9ct Gold] — $755.00

290E Owl ear-rings Sterling Silver — $210.00

Numbat Brooch

numbat brooch gold

W 18mm H 20mm D 3mm

284Bg Numbat Brooch [9ct gold] — $315.00

284B Numbat Brooch — $150.00

284P Numbat Pendant — $150.00

284Pg Numbat Pendant [9ct gold] — $295.00

Eucalypt Pendant with Gold Gumnuts

Eucalypt Pendant with Gold Gumnuts

W 21mm H 45mm D 3mm

211Pz18 Eucalypt pendant with 18ct gold gumnuts — $675.00

211Px9 Eucalypt pendant with 9ct gold gumnuts — $495.00

211P Eucalypt pendant — all silver — $325.00

Echidna Pendant

W 19mm, H 20mm, D 3mm

295P Echidna Pendant – Sterling Silver: $170.00

Frog Pendant

W 19mm, H 20mm, D 3mm

296P Frog Pendant – Sterling Silver: $170.00

Platypus Pendant

W 19mm, H 20mm, D 3mm

297P Platypus Pendant – Sterling Silver: $170.00

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